Unholy Relics

from by Playthings



Have I died and gone to hell?
The rank s__t smell?
The carnival of freaks?
I’d scream your name but I can’t speak.
F__k what I see when I close my eyes.
And f__k what I hear on the inside.
I never wanted to disappear with a fake friend,
And I never wanna wee your f__kin face again.

You’ll never have to see me ‘cause I’m already dead,
So would you please get the hell out of my head?
You keep showing up in all of my sick visions;
A sick reminder of s__t times and bad decisions.
You left me outside with nothing left but nothing to lose.
With nothing to love except for more money and cheap booze.
And if I ever wake up from this nightmare,
I swear to god when I open my eyes I hope there’s nothing there.


from Cast Your Eyes, released March 3, 2015



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